Baby Luxury Most Expensive Baby Bottle Plus Push Gift For Mom

The world’s most expensive baby bottle and Push gift for mom is now documented on record. has learned that these two items together are the most wanted gifts to celebrate the birth of baby. Plus a big thank you to mom with the world’s most expensive luxury item. Taking luxury baby products to the next level and specialty gifting to moms who push lavish babies out.


Doll Bottle mainPhoto credits Suommo

Doll Bottle, a unique treasure with your baby’s name engraved in a captivating, ergonomic design. A baby bottle which is, in fact, a jewel and a refined decoration piece inspired by Russian dolls, whose five-size set is the expression of the most exquisite sensitivity. Retails for $136,000.00

Doll Bottle


Circle In Motion Ring by Costis 

Circle in Motion Ring 2Photo credit COSTIS

The most wanted push gifts for moms…. 18K Yellow Gold, with Amethyst and Diamonds, 18K Pink Gold, with Aquamarine and Diamonds, and 18K Pink Gold, with Citrine and Diamonds.



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