Get Over It! Blue Ivy’s Hair Is A Wash And Wear Kids Fashion Trend #CharmPosh


Photo credit  Beyonce via Instagram.

Dear Jay-Z and Beyonce, we think Blue Ivy’s hair is amazing! It is wash and wear! It is a kids fashion trend! After receiving numerous request from moms to comment on Blue Ivy’s hair we will address this issue….. First, we had to seriously think about this one, because how Blue Ivy’s parents want to style her hair is nobody’s business none whatsoever!

However, we have several moms with kids that have curly hair. As those of you who are loyal believers of already know our Charm herself has natural curly hair. Which we often focus on Charm’s natural curls and her embracing this beautiful gift from God.

Charm from CharmPoshCharm age 8  founder of and CharmPosh Magazine network app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad worldwide. 

Well, the Blue Ivy hair controversy was something that we also experienced because we never styled Charm’s hair in lots of bows or so called combed styles with tons of ponytails…. That was never our thing! Curly wash and wear hair is not intended to be styled this way…. It’s clean, fresh, and FREE!

Little Blue Ivy has beautiful natural hair that is wash and wear… This allows a child to experience the best carefree maintenance… Enjoy life without the hassle of taking numerous amounts of time to so call comb hair with tons of heavy ponytails and braids. Which most hair experts agree is bad for Afro textured hair anyways. This goes for biracial kids, too.

We often twist Charm’s hair and that is because she has a lot of HAIR!! Charm is very extremely active with tennis, swimming, and other varies activities. When she goes swimming, almost daily during the spring/ summer months Charm does not have to worry about putting on a swim cap or things like that. She loves to rock easy wash and wear hair….

Thank you Blue Ivy Carter for finally making it a real fashion statement to ditch the ponytails, bows, and braids…. This is a choice and if you want to style your child’s hair in ponytails, bows, and braids PLEASE do so!

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