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Omutsu Sushi is a gift product made to resemble sushi. The rice parts are comprised of diapers, and the toppings are made of daily convenience goods. The domestic version in Japan was packed in a Yoshino cedar-styled origami box, but in order to prevent them from being crushed during shipping, the overseas versions come in a Paulownia box (42 cm long, 37 cm wide, and 10.6 cm high). They also have the option of being wrapped in an indigo-dyed cloth to give an added sense of luxury. Omutsu Cake (Diaper Cake) originated in the U.S. and the parody has been taken to the next level with the humorous “Omutsu Sushi / Diaper Sushi.” The company is hoping for intense support in taking on overseas markets with it.

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Photo credit WIRE ORANGE CO., LTD.

WIRE ORANGE CO., LTD., publisher of local specialization and parenting magazine ‘Wire Mama’ launched sales of popular gifts for the celebration of a birth “Omutsu Sushi,” re-branded as “Diaper Sushi” for overseas markets.

Omutsu Sushi’s rice parts are made of diapers (‘omutsu’ in Japanese) and the toppings are made of daily-life childcare convenience goods – for instance, the eggs are made from a yellow sponge; shrimp from a pink bib; Kappa-maki from green baby socks. As the rice parts are made of a diaper, the size is obviously much larger than the real thing, but these baby-birth gifts bring an unexpected smile to faces, with their uncanny resemblance to sushi. These are surprise gifts that first elicit a reaction of a surprised “What in the world is this…?” followed by delight in the gift’s use of diapers, and admiration of the minute details in each and every topping.


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