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The story of Roland Dexter Bartholomew the Third and his friend Becky has just been given a Kirkus Star (“awarded to books of exceptional merit”) by Kirkus Reviews.

Designed specifically for iPad and Android tablets, Loose Strands is a novel that puts kids in the driver’s seat. Readers choose what clues to pursue and what to explore, as they swipe their way through the story, following strands of hair that twist across the pages. With every decision, they can see the consequences of their choices on a navigable map. The app’s innovative approach makes their choices an integral part of the storyline.

Loose Strands Charm Posh

Written by Markian Moyes and illustrated by Jeff Frizzell, the writing is “wise and witty — even Snicket-y,” says Kirkus, and “by its final sections, when stakes are highest, the way the app balances an engaging interactive experience with a deep narrative becomes truly impressive.”

Roland’s days have always been the same. Wake up, study books, sweep the floor of his family’s barbershop, and go to sleep. The barbershop has only one customer so his family is very poor. So poor that they use hair for almost everything.

Just as Roland begins to wonder if someone is keeping his family trapped, a girl named Becky appears at his window, and together they discover that the barbershop and the world outside are full of secrets. And that Roland’s unusual dreams may be the key to freeing his family.

Loose Strands is a great adventure to read on your own—but it can also be read together as a family, with everyone taking part in the decisions. Don’t forget to press save before making a controversial choice, though, just in case you want to go back and try again!

Although it has game-like elements, make no mistake—Loose Strands was written and developed by people who love books and text. It’s more Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket than Candy Crush Saga.

A perfect prescription for rainy summer days or long travel hours!

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Price: $6.99 (Price drop alert: For one day only, on Friday June 27, 2014, get it for .99!)

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