Forget The Celebrity Baby Glitter Gift Baskets Match Career Babies To Parents

Forget the celebrity baby, this is even hotter….The team at Glitter Gift Baskets is very customer centric and they always value their customers’ requests. Over the last year, they took a poll and asked their customers what types of themes they would like to see in the baby basket collection, and some of the great career baby themes that were most popular include Baby Handy Man, Lil Pilot In Training, Lil Fireman and Baby Rockstar.

Career babiesPhoto credits Glitter Gift Baskets

Glitter Gift Baskets Match Career Babies To Parents

Career babies Glitter Gift Baskets

Glitter Gift Baskets has been expanding and revamping their entire baby basket collection. They are always looking for ways to innovate and explore new and exciting themes for their baby basket collection. This season, they have truly outdone themselves with this new line.

The Mini G.I.F. (Golfer In Training) or the Baby Girl Golfer are the perfect gifts to get the new baby golfer ready for the season to go golfing with Daddy. They will definitely take their place among the greats of baby golfers.

Glitter Gift Baskets’ tip off the hat to the special people who help bring babies into the world, and so much more. The Baby Nurse and Baby MD Doctor are the absolute cutest baby items to date. The Doctor kit comes fully loaded including plush stethoscope, thermometer and blood pressure kit.


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