Boys & Girls Clubs Triple Play Million Minutes in Motion Mobile Tour

“Triple Play and the mobile tour this summer are changing the way kids think about being active and healthy, and we are proud to be a part of that great work,” said Lance Chrisman, executive director of WellPoint Foundation. “The health and wellness of our nation’s kids is vitally important to our country’s future. Through programs like these, we can support more kids staying active during the out-of-school time, equipping them with health education and skills they will use in to adulthood.”

Sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company and WellPoint Foundation and its affiliate state brands, the mobile tour is part of Triple Play,Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s national signature health and wellness program. With more than 3 out of 10 young people considered obese or overweight, early education and active programming for youth is even more critical for a healthier tomorrow. Since its inception in 2005, Triple Play has made more than 9.2 million connections with kids, and continues to grow, providing more programming for kids and Clubs each year.


Boys Girls Club Kids Around The Country Race To Log One Million Minutes Of Jumping

Photo credit Boys & Girls Clubs of America

 Boys & Girls Clubs Triple Play

The Triple Play mobile tour will set up a variety of activities at each tour stop, from obstacle courses to sack races, jump ropes and hula-hoops. At each stop, hundreds of kids will participate with the goal of recording one million minutes in motion by August 15, 2014.

The goal of Triple Play is to encourage kids to eat healthier, become more physically active and increase their ability to engage in healthy relationships. A two-year study of more than 2,000 children ages 9-14 showed that Triple Play succeeded in getting them to exercise more, eat healthier foods and feel better about themselves. The study found that Triple Play kids increased to 90 percent of the federally recommended amount of daily exercise, which is 60 minutes a day for children, while their peers outside the program decreased to 78 percent. Triple Play includes five program components, each of which serves between 20,000 and 500,000 youth annually.  Since its inception in 2005, Triple Play has made more than 9.2 million connections with kids across the country.

“A healthy lifestyle is all about balanced living – a combination of nutrition education and physical activity,” said Erika Von Heiland Strader, director of community marketing, The Coca-Cola Company. “Our support of the Boys & Girls Clubs’ efforts to help millions of our nation’s youth stay active and healthy will help them learn  about the importance of living a balanced life through Triple Play in a fun and engaging way.”

Boys & Girls Clubs of America believes that all kids deserve a great future. Through the organization’s Great Futures Campaign, Clubs and supporters are working to mobilize our country around the critical issues facing America’s youth. Boys & Girls Clubs are committed to leading the way, assuring that every young person who enters a Club is on track to graduate from high school on time, prepared to succeed in college or a career, demonstrating good character and living a healthy lifestyle.

The Triple Play program motivates kids to be healthy by providing nutrition and health education and more access to healthy foods, and encouraging avoidance of risky behaviors and a lifelong commitment to fitness.

Find Million Minutes in Motion Mobile Tour

The Triple Play mobile tour will visit the following cities throughout July and August:

Los Angeles, California
Las Vegas, Nevada
Denver, Colorado
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Fort Worth, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Memphis, Tennessee
St. Louis, Missouri
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Chicago, Illinois
Indianapolis, Indiana
Louisville, Kentucky
Columbus, Ohio
Albany, New York
Nashua, New Hampshire
New Haven, Connecticut
New York, New York
Newark, New Jersey
Washington D.C.
Orlando, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia

To learn more about the Triple Play mobile tour and our #KidsinMotion go to

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