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Bolthouse Farms Kids Snacks

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A day in the classroom, playing out on the field after school, and completing homework at night requires the right foods to fuel such activities. But unhealthy choices lurk around every corner, making the task of getting kids to eat a balanced and healthful diet a daunting one.

Snacks For Kids 

Snack time tips

Here are some tips to help you keep your kitchen stocked with the best foods for fueling little learners.

  • Look for easy options: Every busy parent knows that getting more fruits and vegetables into their kid’s diet isn’t easy — and spending an evening chopping up snacks may not be an option. Luckily, new products are popping up in the refrigerated section at the local store targeted specifically for kids. Skip the chips and grab fresh veggies with Bolthouse Farms Kids™ Veggie Snackers, individual-sized bags of baby carrots in two flavorful varieties.
  • Keep healthy options on hand: Make smart snacking easy by always having better-for-you food choices readily available and easy for even the youngest eaters to serve themselves. For example, place a bowl filled with bananas, oranges and apples at the kitchen table for an easy-to-grab snack the whole family can enjoy.
  • Send them off with sensible sweets: It’s easy to swap junk food sweets with other choices that allow kids to still enjoy their favorite flavors. For an on-the-go treat perfect for breakfast and beyond, pack a creamy and flavorful drink, such as the Bolthouse Farms Kids™ Smoothies. These portable, kid-sized smoothies serve up 1 1/2 servings of fruit per 6-ounce bottle, and are available in two delicious flavors.
  • Practice proper portions: When packing a lunch or snack, always follow recommended serving guidelines and place only that amount in a re-sealable baggie or lunchbox. This will help children understand portion control at an early age.
  • Pump up the play factor: Creative moms know that getting kids to eat better often requires a little inventive thought. Whether you call broccoli florets “trees” or cut up other fruits and veggies into fun shapes, children are more receptive to playful snacking. Many new products exist that take nutritious ingredients to a fun-filled level, such as the Bolthouse Farms Kids™ Fruit Tubes. Available in three sweet flavors, these squeezable tubes are filled with fruit puree blends that can be chilled or frozen for a delicious treat.

Follow these tips to properly fuel your student and they’ll learn nutrition essentials for a healthier future. For more ideas to get your kids to eat better, visit

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