What David Beckham Wants His Kids To Know

When it comes to parenting it might be a real shocker to learn “what” the world’s most famous dad wants his kids to know about him. Looking at David Beckham he appears to be one involved father and supportive husband to his equally famous wife “fashion powerhouse” Victoria Beckham.

David Beckham

Recently David Beckham along with his partner Simon Fuller launched Haig Club whisky. Beckham revealed after playing football for 22 years and then stopping at the age of 38 he wanted to have something on the business side that he could really go into.

Haig Club whisky victoria david beckhamphoto credit telegraph.co.uk

What Beckham wants his kids to know about him is that “he works hard”…. Stressing that it’s important to him that his kids see him working hard. Looks like this is an all around family concept because they also get to see their mom working hard when attending her fashion show events.

beckham family attending fashion show

Do you feel that when kids see parents working hard this is a valuable life lesson?


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