Top Christmas Gifts For Privileged Kids

This subject often comes up when having to figure out what to gift a child who has virtually everything? You do want to give a really nice stand out gift. Think about it “what” would you give to North West who already sits front row at sold out designer fashion shows and rocking Bling diamonds before she could walk good …

North West sitting front row fashion show
Have no fear or worries we have sourced the perfect Christmas gifts for 2014 that will make you jump for joy!

According to this amazing list created by CTV News, these are the perfect gift ideas for kids who already have everything under the sun!

 Kids Christmas Gifts

Best Christmas Gifts For Kids 2014

1. Tickets for a night out:

Tickets to a stage show in the city are a great way to introduce the child to the arts, and many theatre companies and symphony orchestras will happily offer gift certificates. Tickets to a local hockey or football game would also make a great gift. Better yet, give a gift to the child’s parents too by offering to take the kids to the show yourself.

2. Membership to a local museum, amusement park or water park:

Many kids would love a season’s pass to a local zoo, museum or amusement park so they can return as many times as they like. If it’s in your budget, get a pass for the whole family, but if not, a single membership just for the kids is often available. And once again, an offer to take the kids to a water park or museum yourself just for the day is also always a welcome gift to the parents as well.

3. Cooking lessons:

Offering kids — boys or girls — the chance to learn to cook at least one recipe really well is a gift that will last a lifetime. A box filled with a kid’s apron, some cute muffin liners, and a kid’s cookbook would make a great gift. Even better would be a homemade cookbook made with print-outs of family recipes. Best of all would be offering to spend an entire afternoon with the child baking or whipping up that stew that Grandma used to make.

4. Magazine subscriptions:

Every kid loves getting something in the mail addressed to them; magazines are like getting a new gift each month. Want to boost the kid’s interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)? There are lots of educational science magazines to choose from. The kid loves hockey? There are also sports magazines for their demographic. There are also fashion and gossip mags for teens, and even food magazines aimed squarely at kids. And if you want to avoid more paper in the house, digital subscriptions are available too.

5. A fun afternoon out:

Gift cards for the movies make for a great gift, especially for teens and tweens who can use the card to take along their friends. Drop the gift cards in a box of popcorn, wrap it up and you’re done. Tired of the movies? Call around and you may find that many local bowling alleys, trampoline centres, go-kart or minigolf parks offer gift cards as well. Find a creative way to wrap it up and that’s one more gift off your list.

6. Arts lessons:

Many art studios and “make your own pottery” places offer gift certificates, as do plenty of dance or music lesson studios. If you know that the kid on your shopping list already takes dance or music classes, offer to pay for the lessons yourself in return for a short performance when they’re done. Package it up by buying them some sheet music or new guitar picks, toss in a homemade gift certificate, tie it with a bow and you’re done.

7. An adventure:

You would be crowned the Most Awesome Present-Giver Ever if you offered to take the kid on your list for a helicopter ride or a hot air balloon ride. Too crazy? Indoor rock climbing, horseback riding or ziplining are other options. Still too crazy? A day at a batting cage, or the driving range would also make for a special day. Once again, find a cheap accessory that complements the activity like some golf balls or carabiners, box it up with a homemade gift card, and you’ve got a fantastic gift.

Hope you find this amazing list useful, we sure did… Wishing you a happy holidays!



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