The One Gift All Kids Want For Christmas

It’s almost Christmas “our darling Charm simply can’t wait” as this is always a favorite time of the year for all kids. So what’s the one gift, that would make the perfect gift for a child? Many people think that kids want toys and electronic gadgets especially for Christmas…. While these picks do make really good gifts, there is still a gift that top even the most expensive toys and tech gadgets.

CharmPosh best Christmas gift all Kids love

When children think about what they want for Christmas, there is actually one thing at the top of most their lists…. Parents may not be even aware of this precious and priceless gift. Today most kids lead such busy and hectic lives taking several lessons during the month. Rushing off to tons of birthday parties, many having to leave one party to dash off to another party the same day.

Charm herself has to also do weekly chores and make up her bed everyday. Focusing on keeping her room clean is a task that is work in process…. Many parents have to work and lead career challenging lives…. As a result often kids are placed in after school programs and don’t actually see their parents until late evening when it’s time to eat, shower, and go to bed.

So just what is the most precious and priceless gift that all kids want for Christmas? Finally, the answer is “TIME” that’s what most kids want for Christmas from their parents! Make Christmas a joyous event with family activities to do together…. Delivering the One Gift All Kids Want For Christmas….

Fun things parents can do to spend time with kids for Christmas:

1. Play board games… Hours of endless fun.

2. Bake (cakes, pies, cookies, etc).

3. Chat about memories (Write them down and store in a mason jar as keepsakes).

4. DO fun stuff outdoors (Bundle up and take the party outdoors for continued fun). Who says you have to put Christmas presents under the tree, try a game of hide and seek to find Christmas presents.

5. Fireplace Gathering! Enjoy some good old fashion peppermint stick “ice cream, yes we all scream” hot chocolate made with real milk and fresh whipped cream…

CharmPosh hot coco

Turn up the fun time while sipping on hot chocolate by the fire place and roasting marshmallows!

6. Family Movie …. Go to the movies together SEE Annie or just watch a classic family Christmas movie at home.

7. Sightseeing Lights ….. Stroll for a family walk to see beautiful Christmas lights.

Now that’s the best unwrapped Christmas gift under the tree of all time…..

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