Gymkhana Horse Wallpaper For A Star Stable Girls Room

Star Stable Girls Room 1

Star Stable is every young girls new game obsession and that is not an over statement… It’s the hot game that girls love to play online these days. The game takes place on the beautiful island of Jorvik where girls get to ride the back of their very own horses. Kids play online with thousands and thousands of other players. They get to experience great adventures, compete in races, care for their horses in their own home stables, and solve mysteries of spectacular original stories.

Star Stable 1

Star Stable Girls Room

So for those Star Stable obsessed little girls how about a room makeover? Gymkhana Horse Wallpaper from Hibou Home is perfect for the child with a love for all things equine. Featured in pretty lilac and fuchsia hues, the splendid design depicts jumping horses, riding hats, rosettes and more. Measures (Width): 52cm, (Length): 10.05m, (Area): 5.23 sq m.

Star Stable Girls Room

Star Stable Girls Room 2


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