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Kids New Year Resolution CharmPosh

When it comes to setting New Year resolution goals for kids remember to consider making them fun and include growth development for ages.

Creating happiness and wellness for kids in regards to lifestyle enhancements is our personal 2015 goal!!

These are excellent goals for kids to achieve for the new year and beyond… A building foundation for happy kids and healthy living.

Kids’ New Year’s Resolutions

1. Eat More Healthy Foods

Learning how-to eat well will help with training kids to develop healthy eating habits as adults.

2. Start An Exercise Routine

Make exercise an priority workout into lifestyle for kids. Focus on creating exercise plans in addition to playtime.

3. Unplug For Family Time

Turn off the electronic gadgets and tune into family fun time. Enjoy walks in the park and old school family nights with board games.

4. Me Time Turn Up

Kids need quality relaxation time too!   Break away from all the lessons, activities, overbooked birthday parties, etc. Create agenda time for quality relaxation and private enjoyment with reading, journal writing, working on a hobby, etc.

5. Work On Everyday Manners

A fine tune up on manners is always a good thing. Train kids to understand the importance of having good manners beyond only the dinner table. Maybe take an class in etiquette and learn more about kindness. Having empathy is a skill that many kids lack in society today.

6. Save More Spend Less

Focus more on learning how-to make “needs” oppose to “wants” purchases. Teaching kids purposes to save more and spend less. Most kids simply want to purchase every toy, game, etc put in front of them. Work on enjoying less without adding more and appreciating everything.

With these suggestions your child will be off to a blissful year of happy health!



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