Dolce & Gabbana Girls Dresses After 6 P.M. #LBD

dolce-and-gabbana girls dresses black CharmPosh

photo credit Dolce & Gabbaba fall and winter 2014 – 2015

Gone are the days when young girls didn’t wear black. Actually, kids dresses in black breakout can be credited to little North West (Karadashian-West’s baby girl). Nori often can be seen rocking all black and we simply love it!

Dolce & Gabbana Girls Dresses

The Dolce & Gabbana black lace dress is just stunning for young girls. It’s the ideal dress to wear on special occasions especially after 6 p.m. What makes this little black dress so cute is the classic 50’s style that is chic and appealing enough for  young girls. Sassy jewel buttons and pretty elegant bow gives this look an glorious design. Hurry purchase this Dolce & Gabbaba girls dress in classic black while sizes are still available, click here

Kids dinner parties are hot play dates for girls and boys to get together. A time for kids to learn social skills and enjoy a taste for finer foods beyond typical dinning options. Kid clubs are starting to realize the value of hosting dinner party events just for children.

Here is to the #LBD (Little Black Dress) for young girls movement….it’s daring, dashing, and chic!


Dolce Gabbana Girls Dresses Black CharmPosh main


Dolce Gabbana Girls Dresses Black CharmPosh back

Dolce Gabbana Girls Dresses Black CharmPosh 3


Kids Cranberry Cocktail Dinner Party CharmPosh

Kids Cranberry Cocktail

Rice balls CharmPosh

Rice balls kiddie foods



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