New Year 2015 Best Kids Health Tip

Kids Health Tip New Year 2015 CharmPosh

One of the best things parents can do for their kids is to keep them on track to good health. Most kids have very busy schedules and sometimes important check ups can be overlooked. However, there is one very important health check up for kids most parents miss during the year and as a result can hurt performance in learning at school.

New Year 2015

By now most parents have kicked off the new year making vows to cut out junk foods. This is really good and why we launched our new Paleo Kids Lifestyle section to help keep this goal a priority all year long.

For the New Year 2015 the best health tip for kids is to focus on vision check ups. This is the most common missed exam during the year for kids. So we are reminding parents to remember to get kids eyes checked for the new year and beyond.

Kids Eye Exam CharmPosh

Best Kids Health Tip

The American Optometric Association says risk factors for childhood vision problems include:

  • Having low birth weight or being born prematurely.
  • Having a family history of eye problems, such as cataracts.
  • Having had a pregnant mother with an infection, such as AIDS, rubella, herpes or venereal disease.
  • Having a mother who had a difficult labor.
  • Having a nervous system problem characterized by symptoms such as seizures or developmental delay.

Kids Eye Exam 2 CharmPosh
Make sure to have your child’s eyes checked this year as soon as possible.



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