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We found some amazing picks at CES 2015 just for babies in mind. In a perfect world all babies would be protected by high tech gadgets that made things easier for parents. Well that’s exactly what we found available at this year’s CES 2015.

Here are our picks for superior baby products…. 


D-Link HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera

D-Link HD Pan Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera CharmPosh

Representing a new generation of monitoring solutions fit for the modern parent, the new camera works seamlessly with the free mydlink® Baby app to transform mobile devices into top-of-the-line baby monitors. The new camera features remote pan and tilt functionality, allowing parents to adjust their viewing angle right from a smartphone or tablet device to get a sweeping view of an entire nursery.

Unlike traditional monitoring solutions, the HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera helps parents keep watch over their babies whether they’re at home or away with a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection from a smartphone or tablet device. In addition to allowing parents to view their little ones, the wireless camera also comes with two-way audio and five classic lullabies, so they can soothe their baby back to sleep with the sound of their voice or a peaceful tune. The camera also allows parents to upload personalized lullabies or favorite bedtime stories via a microSD card, to truly customize the monitoring solution.

Designed to be simple to set up and easy to use, the HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera works seamlessly with the free mydlink Baby app for iOS® and Android® devices to allow for simple management of all the camera’s features directly from a mobile device. Featuring infrared LEDs that provide up to 16 feet of visibility in the dark, the camera provides a clear picture day or night and also sends notifications when sound, motion or temperature changes are detected, enabling parents to check in immediately to make sure everything is alright. Parents with more than one child can view and manage multiple D-Link® baby cameras from the same app. 

The HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera (DCS-855L) is now available for $229.99 in the United States throughout D-Link’s vast network of retail and etail partners. D-Link is also releasing a standard VGA version of the camera, the Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera (DCS-850L), which will be available in late January for $139.99 in the United States throughout D-Link’s vast networks of retail and detail partners.

Both cameras will be displayed at the 2015 International CES, Jan. 6-8, 2015 in Las Vegas. Detailed specifications are available online at  and .

VOXX Electronics Baby on Board

Available summer, 2015 for an MSRP of $59.95. Baby on Board a new child seat alert sensor device is designed to send an alert to the driver when and if they move away from the vehicle while a child is still in the car seat.

From 1998-2013 there have been over 600 incidents where a child has died from heat stroke after being left in a hot motor vehicle. An average dashboard could reach up to 200-degrees, radiating heat throughout the vehicle1. This Bluetooth proximity alarm instantly alerts the driver when they walk away from the vehicle with a child still sitting in their car seat, a preventative measure to help reduce the number of incidents that occur each year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, infants and children (fitting specific height and weight criteria) must be properly buckled into a rear- or forward-facing car seat.

Baby on Board is a simple, do-it-yourself device that only takes a few minutes to set up! This device uses an automatic weight-sensing system, that will become active when the child occupies the car seat. The sensors placed between the hard surface of the car seat and the seat pad connect via Bluetooth to a key fob carried by the caregiver to sound an alarm alerting the driver once they have walked away from the vehicle with a child still in the car seat. Baby on Board comes with one keychain alarm, with the option to add up to three additional keychain alarms to pair with the system. Visit

Panasonic The Baby Monitoring Kit (KX-HN6001)

The Baby Monitoring Kit Panasonic CharmPosh

The kits allow you to remotely activate appliances, lights and devices in your home, perform surveillance and monitor your baby or pet. The packages utilize both telephone and video technology where Panasonic is a technology leader. The Home Monitoring System is available immediately at .

The Panasonic Home Monitoring System is extremely easy to install. Powerful and compact, the DECT-enabled hub unit connects enabled devices to a secure long range (up to 1000ft.) platform which can be placed in any room or space. It connects in seconds to your Wi-Fi router with the push of a button enabling you to control the system from your smartphone, tablet and system handset. There is no Ethernet cable necessary; as the hub operates completely on Wi-Fi. There is also no need for a PC to set-up the Wi-Fi connection as you only need a smartphone or the system handset. Unlike other systems, there is no monthly fee as remote monitoring and control is free of charge.

Day or night, keeping an active eye on your child in their crib or room, or while in the care of others, assures you they’re safe and sound and brings peace of mind. The do-it-yourself Baby Monitor Kit is tailor made for every parent. It includes a DECT-enabled hub unit and an indoor camera you can easily monitor from anywhere with your smartphone and or tablet. This package can also be used to monitor pets when homeowners are away.



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