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Selected by Apple as “What’s Hot” in the category for Parenting & Family on the Newsstand. We are happy to announce that our digital media magazine app network CharmPosh Magazine Mini is available exclusive on the App Store and on over 1000 places on iTunes worldwide. This magazine app also ranks on the Top Charts and Top Grossing in Parenting & Family.

When it comes to calling kids fashion trends parents look to our magazine app for inspiration and influence. Monthly we focus on kids fashion brands, family vacations, health, and cool baby clothes.

At the head of this throne is a lovely nine year old girl by the name of Charm who leads the team. She is the mastermind for the digital magazine app network and just like Oprah Winfrey mainly graces the cover of her own magazine. Working with a team experts topics are centered around Charm’s ideas, reviews, data research and so on.

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These are some of the kids fashion trends for 2015 revealed by CharmPosh Magazine Mini that will be a real hit leading into spring and summer.

#Style Purpose 

Kids will start to personalize their individual style.  There will be more “Play Date Parties” and special events which will prompt kids to develop their individual fashion style.

Bold Floral

The big fashion statement for girls this spring and summer 2015 will be all about floral designs. Top designers like Catimini, Roberto Cavalli Junior, Baby Dior, Dolce & Gabbana Junior, Monnalisa, Miss Blumarine all show off pretty floral designs in their SS 2015 collections.

Newborn Chicness 

Baby fashion will be very chic and hip for spring and summer. There will be lots of flare and custom looks for babies. Leading baby designers are newborns are Chloe, Baby Dior, Fendi, Stella McCartney Kids.

Boy Couture

Finally boys clothes are on the same level with girls. This spring and summer boys fashion will be dashing and couture. From the runway mini-man looks like cool sports jackets and coats for breeze summer evenings. Shorts and shirts with fun stripes and striking prints. Designers to watch for boys clothes are Stella McCartney Kids, Baby Dior, Fendi, Gap Kids. 

Baby Dior Spring Summer 2015 boys blue jacketphoto credit Baby Dior 

Accessories Wow

Kids will be decked out in bright bold accessories for summer and spring. Sporting fancy sunglasses to hats and headbands. Best designers for kids accessories are Baby Dior, Gucci, Fendi.

Baby Dior Spring Summer 2015 Feature Girlsphoto credit Baby Dior 

Cute Feet

For spring and summer kids shoes will get an major upgrade. Really cool sandals in fab designs and sassy designer looks take center stage. From babies to boys and girls feet will be dressed super cute this spring and summer. 

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