Hot or Not This Dad Designs Adult Size Baby Clothes

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Babycore CharmPosh

photo credit Gunnar Larson/Bryn Taubensee

Okay, we may be somewhat fetching on this one but we have to give this dad kudos for getting into baby fashion. While most dads generally skip the fashion detail especially when it comes to the baby stage. Not this dad, Matt Starr actually hired conceptual fashion designer Bryn Taubensee to recreate his favorite childhood sweatshirt from Gymboree, and photographed himself and his daughter who is wearing the original. Okay, now we are sold 100% because “that’s hot” seriously it really is…

Dad creates adult baby clothes CharmPosh

photo credit Gunnar Larson/Bryn Taubensee

New York artist and dad Matt Starr created a stir in the fashion world this month by sharing an image of himself and his daughter modeling the same outfit. Along with the hilarious photo of the father-daughter duo sporting a juvenlistic color-block sweatshirt with a giant pocket in front, Starr made an announcement that he’s launching a new clothing line called Babycore that draws on the Normcore trend.

Get ready for Babycore and we love it!

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