North West Fashion Show Front Row Tantrum

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No one can deny that kids fashion is big, BIG business. So, why should celebrity kids be banned from adult fashion shows? Today, kids designer clothes is a growing industry….Could we say it all started with Baby Dior in 1967? Followed by  Ralph Lauren childrenswear in 1978 the pioneers of high-end kids fashion.

Little Marc Jacobs launched in 2005; Stella McCartney Kids in 2010; Lanvin, Marni, Gucci and Fendi Kids all arrived in 2011, and Dolce & Gabbana brought up the rear in 2012. But the biggest player is Burberry, which reported £79m in revenue from childrenswear for the fiscal year 2013/14 – around 4% of the company’s total.

North West

North West sitting front row fashion show

North West recently attended the Alexander Wang Show, an adult fashion show accompanied by her very famous parents Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. Seems that North was just not up for front row position. Cameras caught her having an tantrum on the front row. Also, it seems that North is getting a rep for tantrums on the front row.

Fashion Show Front Row Tantrum

North West

photo credit Barritt, Getty Images

Should all kids be banned from fashion shows as a result. Certainly, NOT and parents should know to excuse themselves when an tantrum starts. It’s just that simple and some children can sit front row without any problems. So designers please don’t get worked up, you actually need kids in the front row too. Especially, famous kids with famous parents.

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