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We get so many inquires from all over the world about how we got started. Mainly, people really want to know “how we do – what we do” and  “can you make money from blogging” … It’s not that complicated and “yes” you can make serious money from a blog and have a full time career doing just that and nothing else like having to work another job (this is all we do!). However, you must first consider factors for how you will monetize your media platform otherwise considered as your blog.

At CharmPosh we think like publishers, which is a very different approach to blogging. A blogger tends to post from individual thinking and perspective. Whereas a publisher has a purpose to serve an audience.

BTW, this article kicks off a series of Q & A about us and the things we love to chat about. Send questions about all the topics we cover and things you just want to know about us!

As many of you already know was founded by Charm Ransom who is nine years old and will turn 10 years old in September 2015 !

Our Charm is approaching double digits, wow how time flys when you having the most fun ever. We are all proud to be part of the CharmPosh team assisting and guiding the most brilliant business savvy little girl on the planet… She dream up the ideas and we help her make them happen.


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Make Money Online

Q. How Does CharmPosh Make Money Online?

A. Now that is straightforward all up in our business, lol! We get asked this question so much that we will now tell you how we generate revenue from CharmPosh online. After all you visit us often, buy what we endorse, and purchase family vacations from us.

We just revealed how we mostly make money online in a nutshell. When launching an blog you need to decide on a niche for your media platform first. At CharmPosh we focus on best kids fashion, designer baby clothes, and family vacation packages.

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Having an niche focus concentration we are able to engage our audiences and endorse products or services that we love. This is also the primary solution for how we monetize our media platform to receive financial support from endorsements, sponsorship, and strategic partnerships.

Q. How-to Get Sponsors ?!

A. That is a loaded question that every newbie fashion blogger or mom blogger demands to know these days.

Getting sponsors is actually not that hard to do. Our very first sponsor was the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead in Atlanta, GA. They approached us first, so maybe it can’t count as a direct sponsor pitch. However, we created content that attracted them to call us!

If you want sponsors you need to prepare first a sponsorship proposal and detail all the benefits your sponsors will receive. Keep in mind what you deliver for the sponsor is brand awareness about their goods and services. Sponsorship is the opportunity to educate and inform to build their brand awareness.

Build your media platform audience to connect potential sponsors to your audience as their desired target. Don’t just pitch any brand for a relationship, match their offerings to your niche audience.

Q. What Tips To Drive Traffic Online?

A. The biggest problem that most bloggers starting out will have is attracting traffic to their media platform.

First, if you are only focusing on online traffic you have a major problem already. CharmPosh is a social media and mobile friendly platform. It’s very important that your media platform is built to target and attract traffic not only online but also mobile as well as social media friendly. Do you also allow social media login access from your media platform? You should because this can drive mass traffic by connecting to other sites that receive lots of traffic.

Content Building

Content building is the fastest and best way to drive traffic, be it online or mobile search. Research and more research for content to feature is how to drive traffic. Stay in the know about what is hot in your niche and build content around it.


Promote your content! It might sound simple but the reason most bloggers can’t get traffic is because they don’t promote their content.

Seek out other popular media platforms that will capture mass exposure for your content. We created content about Spring Summer 2015 Kids Fashion Trends featured via for more exposure promotions.

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You can start a profitable business online and have the leisure to work from anywhere in the world. We hope this article will truly benefit you today!

To your online success ….



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Charm Ransom founder of with her mom CR Cataunya Ransom , photo credit

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