Many Family Vacation Ideas For This Memorial Day Will Be Local

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No major family travel plans for this Memorial Day? Well, guess what the majority recent polls have suggested that many families are planning to do local stuff for the upcoming Memorial Day 2015. No worries CharmPosh Family Vacations have got you covered for the best ways to enjoy an local Memorial Day celebration and still feel like you went on an amazing vacation.

We simply love celebrating Memorial Day because most kids are out of school or will soon be out of school. It’s the first major holiday to relax and unwind for the long hot summer days ahead. Here is how-to celebrate an fab holiday in your local city and make it a real adventure for the kids, too.

Family Vacation Ideas For This Memorial Day

Memorial Day 1 CharmPosh

#1 History Lesson

The best part about celebrating Memorial Day is the history lesson for appreciation. Teach kids why we celebrate this tremendous day of gratitude to pay thanks.

Memorial Day is a national federal holiday celebrated in the United States for remembering those who died while serving this country in armed forces. What’s cool about Memorial Day is that it is always observed the same time every year on the last Monday in May.

Did you know that Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day and was formed after the American Civil War to actually commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the war. Not until the 20th century was Memorial Day formed to extend this honor to all Americans who died while serving in the military.

American Flag Honor

Plan a trip on Sunday to visit cemeteries and memorials in town to honor those who died while serving in the military. Have kids bring an American flag and place on a grave in the national cemetery.

Memorial Day CharmPoshphoto credit ABC News

#2 Stay In A Local Hotel 

Don’t spend this Memorial Day at home! Waking up in a hotel room really feels like vacation home away from home. The kids will love venturing to the hotel pool and dining out. Plus parents get to take some time off from doing housework….

CharmPosh Family Vacations has some amazing savings and specials on local hotels and car rentals for this Memorial Day 2015! Book our hotels, click here or car rentals, click here .

Our families top pick for where to celebrate Memorial Day 2015 away is Orlando, Florida! Review our list of the most popular places to stay when visiting Orlando, Fl. Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport is voted #1 on our list by stars and ratings.

Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport CharmPosh Family Vacations 1

photo credit Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport

#3 Visit Local Attractions

No matter where you live there are likely water parks and major attractions to explore. Depending on where you live we have some big discounts, by using our partner access to CityPass, click here for up to 50% off combined prices for admission to the best attractions. Hey, we even allow you to skip the ticket lines so go ahead signup to get VIP treatment. No worries if you don’t visit all the amazing attraction offers on Memorial Day you have additional time generally a total of nine days!!

Whatever you plan to do this Memorial Day have fun while building lifetime memories and be save! 


CharmPosh Editorial Team

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