North and Pe BFFs Cute Cousin Style #NorthAndPe #CharmPosh

By North and Pe we mean North West and Penelope Disick known as the world’s cutest BFF cousins. The girls seem to be totally BFFs and spend lots of time together dressed in the best kids fashion. Even their playtime play dates are styled for chic fun.  Which we would only expect this from the Kardashian  family…. They style lifestyle better than anyone else on the planet. Those are some very lucky kids for sure.

North and Pe #NorthAndPe

North and Pe  share chic playtime play dates. North and Pe  Chic Playtime Play Date CharmPosh

Just hanging casual cuteness, North rocking the hottest look of summer  boho fringed top.Just hanging casual cuteness CharmPosh

Big time outings include trips to Disneyland to celebrate Pe’s birthday.

Big time outtings include trips to Disney to celebrate Pe's birthday party.

North and Pe always seem to sink their styles to match.North and Pe always seem to match in style CharmPosh


They got each other’s back.

North and Pe CharmPosh


Congrats to these cousins for sticking together….

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