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We love, LOVE little Suri Cruise here at always and forever! Early on Suri was more recognized for her kids designer clothes and started an evolution in kids fashion. Which today is restored by chic North West and her famously famous parents none other than Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West.

Some fashion industry experts even credit Suri as an pioneer for the popularity of fashion blogs. Hard to imagine that she is only 9 years old, wow?

However, Suri being forever the princess for girls fashion inspired us here and everyone else to take notice by including affordable trendy kids clothes. When Suri started to drop always wearing nothing but high end kids designer clothes like Burberry, Young Versace, Roberto Cavalli Kids, and so on. Now she still wears some expensive kids designer clothes, just not as much at all anymore. The entire kids fashion industry started to accept trendy affordable kids clothes. It became the hot topic known as “Suri’s New Look” and so the demand for affordable kids fashion was born.

This trend also inspired many new kids fashion clothing lines. Even the Kardashian Kids clothing line is priced affordable! Our new obsession is the best must have basics for kids clothes priced under $25 and also adored by celebrity parents.

Suri Cruise Kids Lifestyle Evolution

Suri showed the world a new evolution for happiness when it comes to kids lifestyle ….Every parent enjoys bragging about how smart their child is right? Suri is getting an world class education in NYC and we hear she is extremely gifted level intelligent. She is even bi-coastal spending time between NYC and Calabasas, also known as Kardashian land. These days Suri spends time visiting Children’s hospitals cheering up sick kids. She strolls around and shops at Farmer’s markets.

Suri Cruise Famers Market Shopping CharmPosh

Her major talent is being an awesome ballerina which she seems to really enjoy.

Suri Cruise CharmPosh
Most of all Suri loves to play outside! She is a nature girl at heart always playing in the park and reading…extreme fit and always fashionable chic still.

Suri playing outside CharmPosh

Suri shares a special bond with her nanny and enjoys walks.

Suri loves her nanny Mosnar CommunicationsThanks Suri for living the blueprint for how-to create a happy, smart and talented kid!

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