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The Baby Dior Fall 2015 collection reminds us so much of our love for Ballet and the connection to fashion… A Misty Copeland feeling is what we get when looking at the stunning Baby Dior collection for this upcoming fall/ winter season. Copeland became the very first African American ballerina to hold the principal dancer position recognized by the American Ballet Theatre in 2015.

Misty Copeland Inspiration

Misty Copeland CharmPosh Baby Dior

A ballerina is just as beautiful inside as she is outside, this is what the Baby Dior collection shows us. A sophisticated luxurious look for young girls to wear Parisian theatre fashion trends for fall and winter. The most elegant surprise in the collection is a black leather jacket that is on everybody’s wish list as the “must have item” for the fall and winter season. Congrats to Baby Dior Fall 2015 collection for scoring an A++ from us in design and concept. 

Misty Copeland Baby Dior Black Leather Jacket CharmPosh

Baby Dior Fall 2015

Baby Dior Fall Winter 2015 CharmPosh

Baby Dior Fall Winter 2015 CharmPosh 1

Baby Dior Fall Winter 2015 CharmPosh main


photo credits Baby Dior 

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