Five Secrets For Getting Things Done While Not Ignoring Kids

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It seems that most households are busier today than ever before. Parents are managing careers and still running household family duties at the same time. When you have children the one thing that parents have to always remember is that kids need attention and lots of it. Yet parents still have tons and tons of things to get done.

Are there better solutions to get things done and still not neglect or ignore kids? provides solutions from for five simple ways parents can still get things done while not ignoring kids at the same time….

Not Ignoring Kids

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1. Say Affirmations Daily 

They seriously help the brain relax. “Holy sh*t, how am I ever going to get this all done?” and “I have enough time to accomplish all that I need to do” have completely different energy patterns in your body. You don’t need me to tell you that one is infinitely better than the other. So use positive affirmations. They are simple but effective ways to calm your brain and body down, which helps you not only accomplish tasks, but also boosts your productivity. It will amaze you how a few little words can make a HUGE difference.

As an added bonus, these little brain relaxers also make you more available for your kids. Instead of doing so distractedly while trying to work out how and when you’re going to get your “To Do” Items done, you can actually focus on them, knowing that the time and space for those other needs will come.

Try these:

  • “I have more than enough time to accomplish what I need to do.”
  • “There is time enough for everything.”
  • “The perfect time for me to accomplish ___ will arise.”

2. Use Your Tiny Windows Of Time – You can accomplish a lot in tiny windows of time. OK, it may take longer for you to get things done, but as long as things are moving forward, that’s a happy place.

3. Keep Lists – When you’re accomplishing things in tiny windows, you need a place marker. A reference you can come back to at your next opportunity, since you might not have time to work out your whole strategy in one block of time. Your lists and notes take you back to your last free moment. They tell you, “I was here.” But the best aspect of list making for me is this: Between five different requests for snacks, a bum wipe, and “Mom, have you seen my red boat?”, I don’t always remember what was on my list to accomplish, but my list helps me remember.

4. Try “Flow Time” – I used this a lot when my first child was born, and I started to understand that time was no longer available to me in the same way. In fact, without kids, this is my most natural way of being.

5. Go Easy On Yourself – When I find myself most overwhelmed, I hear myself think this series of thoughts a lot: This is the reality of my life right now [these extra demands/these people/this situation]. It cannot be that there is no way to accomplish what I feel needs to be done. It looks differently than I think it should, but there is a way. What is the way? This series of thoughts usually floats by all in one blurb. I understand. This is true. There is a way. Find that way.

We love these tips and plan to follow them so please let us know what you think.  

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