Blake Lively Has A New Luxury Baby Bag That’s A Game Changer

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While some media outlets don’t get it and think the new luxury baby bag from Blake Lively is a laughing matter. However, Blake is about to be laughing all the way to the bank on this one. The designer baby bag is priced at $860 and  is now available for purchase from Blake’s lifestyle website Preserve ….This will be the luxury baby bag that’s a game changer for the baby industry especially for luxury baby items.

Blake is one smart professional business mom to focus in this direction because personal branding is hot in the luxury baby industry. Introducing the “James Bag” named after her first child (who will turn 1 years old in December 2015) with husband Ryan Reynolds a collaboration between Blake and luxury goods firm Sandast.

Blake Lively Baby Bag

Blake Lively Baby Bag James Bag In Cognac CharmPosh

Why is the James Bag so special? Well, for starters it simply screams Hollywood glamour or BLAKE LIVELY all over it… This is no ordinary baby bag, hence every new mom be to and presently wanting to get their hands on it. A hue of cognac, that’s so Blake…. created from only premium leather. Can’t you just smell this baby bag’s heavenly scent? We have to get our hands on this baby bag! We want it for our posh baby luxury collection must haves.

Might also note, the James Bag is available in blue, too (We know how much Blake loves herself some Beyonce).

This is likely to be the most requested baby item for the holiday season, congrats to Blake.

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Blake Lively Baby Bag James Bag In Cognac CharmPosh 2Blake Lively Baby Bag James Bag In Cognac CharmPosh 3


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