Easy Comfort Food Healthy Snacks For Kids

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When it comes to picking the best healthy snacks for kids the most important factor is selecting choices that they will also love. Comfort food should always taste really good and create a fun food environment. As the winter season turns the weather colder more activities will be indoors and parents want to certainly make sure that kids are snacking healthy.

No matter if you need healthy snack ideas for a sleepover, play date, birthday party, or school lunch. Having comfort food as a healthy snack will be a big hit among kids…..

Comfort Food

Tomato Basil Quinoa Bites

The protein-packed quinoa, vegetable, and fresh herb make it a perfectly healthy snack for kids. Adding tomatoes and basil will taste so good kids will be super happy with their comfort food healthy snack.

Tomato Basil Quinoa Bites CharmPosh Healthy Snacks For Kids
Photo credit So Very Blessed via CharmPosh.com

Spicy Cilantro Popcorn

Sprinkle lime juice, salt, cayenne pepper, and cilantro over the top of air-popped popcorn. The most amazing healthy popcorn experience comfort food ever.

Spicy Cilantro Popcorn Healthy Snacks For Kids Comfort Foods CharmPosh
Photo credit broccoliHUT via CharmPosh.com

Pea and Noodle Fritters

Crisp veggie snacks with peas and noodles make tasty fritters perfect to eat hot or cold. Now this is comfort food to pledge by…

Pea and Noodle Fritters CharmPosh Comfort Food Healthy Snack For Kids
Photo credit Taste.com.au via CharmPosh.com

Maple Pecan Baked Apples

Homemade granola as the base for baked apples with fresh ground cinnamon and pure maple syrup. A winter time comfort food best.

Maple Pecan Baked Apples CharmPosh Comfort Food Healthy Snacks For Kids
Photo credit Simple Bites via CharmPosh.com


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