Parenting Thank You Expression! Staying Tradition vs Technology

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Recently we received a beautiful handwritten thank you card in the mail. It was from Charm’s teacher for her talented and gifted speciality class.
Inside was the most amazing “Thank You Expression” thanking us for a certain contribution to the speciality program. It was indeed very sincere and kind with lots of thought to express her gratitude. Even when we gift charities with donations not often do we ever receive a handwritten thank you note. However, of course we receive printed typed out letters and so on but never written by hand.

Parenting Thank You Expression

Thank you!

This extreme act of gratitude got all of us thinking at about the best ways to express thank you today!

We have to admit the handwritten thank you note card sure did get the point across…A handwritten letter is the ultimate thank you expression…
Thank You Handwritten Letter CharmPosh
True moms are very busy and often prefer to type out a note or send a text for all communications. However, should expressing thank you be a little more personal? Sure there are many trendy technology tools to use for sending thank you texts and cards.

Do you prefer to send your thank you expression handwritten or text ? 

Thank You main CharmPosh

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