Moschino’s Windex-Inspired Fragrance Appeals To Moms

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The new Spring/Summer 2016 collection, a fragrance named Fresh that comes fashionably packaged in this season’s new Windex-inspired theme.

Get excited moms this one celebrates you in a big way. Stars 50-year-old supermodel Linda Evangelista—who incidentally starred in Scott’s first Moschino campaign—as a gorgeous housewife who gets both her fragrance (and streak-free shine!) from the little blue bottle.

Moschino’s Windex-Inspired Fragrance

Moschino's Windex-Inspired Fragrance For Moms CharmPosh


photo credit Moschino

According to, the brand’s Windex-like phone case sold out almost immediately following the Moschino show, this fragrance hasn’t hit stores yet, so there’s still time to grab a fun, squeaky-clean part of the 2016 collection. And if you’re worried the fragrance may be too reminiscent of the household cleaner, don’t be—rumor has it the scent is an intoxicating blend of mandarin, bergamot, white peony, osmanthus, clear wood, white patchouli and ambrox.

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