Thanks Mattel For Showing Us Barbie Girls Can Be Anything

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Every now and then we all think back to what we want to be “when we grow up” and Mattel wants to help girls with this same goal today. Not just what is expected of girls but taking the Barbie platform and teaching girls that they can be anything no matter what gender. A feeling of playtime that enforces “my Barbie can be anything” she wants to be….

A new parenting style that promotes anything Ken can do so can Barbie!

Barbie Girls Can Be Anything

Barbie Scientist CharmPosh

According to this video was unscripted and the careers were chosen according to what the budding actresses told the casting team they wanted to be when they grew up, according to Matt Miller, executive creative director at BBDO. It is part of a year-long campaign that will include social media, as well as additional videos and regional efforts. In June, the brand introduced more ethinc diversity to its line of dolls.

my Barbie can be anything careers CharmPosh

“We are absolutely listening to the cultural conversation and we wanted to start a conversation with moms,” said Evelyn Mazzocco, senior vp and global brand general manager, Mattel.

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