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Being super rich can sometimes be used to shame parents. In the United States the term spoiled rich kids is often acceptable for kids who get extravagant things from wealthy parents.

We all know that celebrity children are often in the spotlight for their extravagant luxury living lifestyles…

Well, it seems the Chinese are taking this concept to a new next level. The newly rich Chinese are wanting to give their kids excessive luxury and things they didn’t have growing up. Meet the next generation of new rich Chinese parents referred to as  “tuhao” parenting. They so love to show their kids affection and spending money to burn is no problem.

Tuhao Rich Chinese Parenting

A recent story got lots of mixed feelings on the Internet. Where Tuhao parents of one young girl in Wuhan, China, went so far as to install a kitchen on the sidewalk of their daughter’s school so that their child could  enjoy the luxury of home-cooked meals during her lunch breaks while still at school…

Tuhao Rich Chinese Parenting 2 CharmPosh

So if parents do have lots of money should they go overboard to make their kids feel extra special with luxury lifestyle living? Do you agree or disagree with this  Tuhao parenting style adopted by the newly rich Chinese?

One thing for sure we all can agree on and that is for kids with Tuhao parents it’s a Fab good life!

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