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Take Back The Table

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Recent studies have found that nearly 60 percent of Americans say their family today has fewer dinners together than when they were growing up. Similar reports have found numerous benefits for those who eat dinner with their families, including children are less likely to drink, smoke, or use illegal drugs, are twice as likely to get A’s and B’s and are also less likely to have an eating disorder or be overweight or obese.

Further supporting the campaign, Vanity Fair commissioned a national survey that found that 85 percent of parents used to eat a meal at the table with their families three times or more per week growing up, but only 56 percent of parents do today. Additionally, 30 percent of families eat meals in places other than the table and 45 percent of respondents felt dining rooms are becoming obsolete.

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As part of the campaign, Vanity Fair has joined forces with Leanne Ely, an internationally known certified nutritionist and author and host of SavingDinner.com, to offer a few tips for taking back the table. Ely’s tips include:

    • Having meals together is a family project, not just a mom project. To bring the whole family together, cook together! Have the kids wash the veggies, dad set the table and mom sauté the chicken. When dinner is over, break down the cleanup with jobs for each family member as well.
  • If you have family members reluctant to come to the table, reward the speedy compliant ones with stickers, a new book, crayons and coloring books or a special outing to the park.

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Families are encouraged to visit www.takebackthetable.org to learn more and to take the official pledge via Facebook, Twitter or by creating their own pledge video, declaring their commitment and nominating another family to do the same. The website also includes a virtual deck of conversation starters and theme nights to engage and inspire family members of all ages. Families are also encouraged to share a moment from their experience by using the hashtag #TakeBacktheTable.

For more information about the campaign, visit www.takebackthetable.org or join the conversation on Facebook (www.facebook.com/VanityFairNapkins) and Instagram (@vanityfairnapkins).

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