Meet HopSkipDrive The Uber Solution For Kids On The Go

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What if a transportation service focused on saving parents time by providing Uber like services just for kids existed? Well, that’s just what HopSkipDrive provides for busy kids on the go….Yes, they cater to kids who need rides and parents needing to save time by having a specialty service take kids to places they need to be….HopSkipDrive is in a sense “caregivers on wheels” when rides are ordered the parents and child get an image of the driver with some background information on that person.

Meet HopSkipDrive

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Pricing starts at $20 per ride under 5 miles and 30 minutes, and they can be purchased in bulk for lower per-ride rates. HopSkipDrive launched in March after a pilot program that began in November 2014, has some natural similarities to Uber or Lyft. After all, it’s a smartphone enabled, ride-sharing app that brings a driver to your door. But given that it’s created by parents, for parents, there’s an entirely different standard involved.


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Before the ride: 

  • Unique driver requirements that include 5+ years childcare experience
  • Comprehensive 15-point driver certification process
  • Background checks that include fingerprinting and TrustLine registration

During the ride:

  • Personalized passwords you and your children create that HopSkipDrivers confirm upon pickup
  • You can track your child’s ride live via the HopSkipDrive app
  • Zendrive partnership to monitor driving behavior and ensure HopSkipDrivers are focused, in control, and not texting or talking on the phone while a kid is in the car

Behind the scenes:

  • HopSkipDrive monitors rides in real time, and customer support is available by phone or email
  • Specialized, unique insurance for transporting kids that exceeds regulatory requirements
  • Permit from the California Public Utilities Commission

Start using the service today visit

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