Exclusive Review What Was Inside Celebrity Holiday Gift Baskets

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Now that Christmas is over do you ever wonder what brands send A-list celebrities in those privileged gift baskets? No worries our friends at Brilliant Products is telling all and we got the exclusive details! Celebrity gift baskets are just one of many services offered by Brilliant Products, which further serves its clients by offering a fully-customized and coordinated approach to sales, advertising, marketing and public relations for products in the juvenile products industry.

Celebrity gift baskets are sent several times each year and product submissions are accepted throughout the year. Interested businesses are encouraged to submit their information to media@brilliantbabyproducts.com to be considered for selection.

 Celebrity Holiday Gift Baskets

Brilliant Products 2015 Celebrity Holiday Baskets CharmPosh

Brilliant Products presented two sets of amazing holiday gift baskets to nearly two dozen of Hollywood’s top stars. They created two different baskets for the celebrities, based on the age(s) of their child(ren).

The “Maternity and Baby Must-Have” gift baskets were sent to Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Alicia Keys, Mila Kunis, Blake Lively, Hayden Panetierre, Molly Sims, Chrissy Teigen, and Olivia Wilde.

Jennifer Love Hewitt CharmPosh

The “Amazing Kids Must-Have” gift baskets were sent to Hilary Duff, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Love, Hewitt, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Alicia Keys, Giuliana Rancic, Molly Sims, and Charlize Theron.

Products sent in the baskets included:

  • Baby Banana Brush: Baby Banana Brush (www.BabyBananaBrush.com)
    Twitter: @BabyBananaBrush
    Instagram: @babybananabrush
  • Baby Patent: Aqua Scale (www.BabyPatent.com)
  • Bsensible: 2-in-1 Fitted Crib Sheet and Full Sheet and Pillow Case (www.BSensible.com)
    Twitter: @bsensibleus
    Instagram: @bsensibleus
  • Candide: Luxury Swaddling Blanket, Luxury Baby Wrap, Mat Comfort Changing Pad (www.CandideBaby.us)
    Twitter: @Candide_US
  • Capstone: Baby Board Books (www.CapstonePub.com)
    Twitter: @CapstoneYR
    Instagram: @capstoneyoungreaders
  • Cozyfix: Nursing Pillow (www.Cozyfix.no)
    Instagram: @cozyfixbreastfeedingpillow
  • DigiPuppets: DigiPuppets (www.DigiPuppets.com)
    Twitter: @digi_puppets
    Instagram: @digipuppets
  • ergoPouch: Winter Sleep Suit, ergoCocoon Swaddle and Sleep Bag (www.Ergopouch.com.au)
    Twitter: @ErgoPouch
    Instagram: @ergopouch
  • ezpz: Mini Mat and Happy Mat (www.Ezpzfun.com)
    Twitter: @ezpzfun
    Instagram: @ezpzfun
  • HABA: Whirlygig and Mini Monster Stacking Game (www.HABAusa.com)
    Twitter: @HABA_usa
    Instagram: @habausa
  • InRoad Toys: PlayTape (www.InRoadToys.com)
    Twitter: @InRoadToys
    Instagram: @inroadtoys
  • Kismet: Stay Put Crib Skirt (www.MyStayPut.com)
    Twitter: @KismetCompany
    Instagram: @stayputcribskirt
  • Lassig: Green Label Neckline Bag, Wildlife Mini Backpack (www.HABAusa.com/Lassig)
    Instagram: @lassig_gmbh
  • Micro Kickboard: Mini2Go (www.MicroKickboard.com)
    Twitter: @MicroKickboard
    Instagram: @microkickboard
  • Mixed Pears: Bite Sizers and Suitables Role Play Bib (www.MixedPears.com)
    Twitter: @mixedpears
    Instagram: @mixedpears
  • The Original Squeeze Company: The Original Squeeze and The Original Squeeze with Eeze (www.OriginalSqueeze.com)
    Twitter: @OrigSqueezeCo
    Instagram: @theoriginalsqueezecompany
  • SoapSox: SoapSox (www.SoapSoxKids.com)
    Twitter: @SoapSox
    Instagram: @soapsox
  • Strider Bikes: Gift Card (www.StriderBikes.com)
    Twitter: @StriderBikes
    Instagram: @striderbikes
  • Yookidoo: Musical Duck Race, Submarine Spray Station (www.Yookidoo.com)
    Twitter: @yookidoo_intl

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