Kim Kardashian West Secret Parenting Lollipop Hacks

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Could Kim Kardashian West secret parenting style break the Internet? Noticeably, celebrity kid North West dub princess to the throne is always eating candy….so much so that we wanted to get some expert advice about North West often seen with sweets and particularly a lollipop placed in her mouth at key times. While many parents don’t plan on taking a young toddler to New York Fashion Week…However, we also understand that our CharmPosh viewers have jet setting kids who experience some amazing kids lifestyle experiences, too.

Kim Kardashian West Secret

North West Eating Gummy Candy CharmPosh

Sure we all have been there when we want to position a lollipop or candy in our child’s mouth to  encourage good behavior. Is this proper etiquette and should we particularly  never ever do this? That is if we want to produce self controlled aware and empathy compassionate kids in the world….in other words kids that don’t feel entitled or that everyone must cater to them. This is in no way reflected at little North West or even suggesting that this is her character or outlook.


According to, kids who manage to stay composed when a maddening situation arises are better prepared to succeed in life. A study at the University of Pittsburgh, for example, showed that children who were good at regulating their emotions did better both academically and socially than those who had poor impulse control. And researchers at Arizona State University, in Tempe, found that such kids also tend to be more resilient in tough times.

So is Kim Kardashian West a genius parent by giving North a lollipop to possibly keep her calm? 

Kim Kardashian West Secret North West CharmPosh

Turns out many experts suggest that healthy lollipops and gummy candy are great tools used to calm and focus kids. Many doctors also offer lollipops to calm kids before shots! Even airlines like to have them in place to calm kids during flights…they help kids to tolerate a long trip…known to also help kids to stay calm when shopping with parents!

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yummyearth charmposh

Keep lollipops and carry on….


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