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Every parent needs a happy kids habits playbook to follow. Happy kids tend to thrive better in life and develop into happier adults. What if you could custom design your child’s happiness? Well today using emotional intelligence for theory to guide research this approach is now in reach to design a happier healthy child on demand even in a troubling society.

It’s true that many kids are worried and stressed even at such a young age often worrying about adult problems like money issues. These financial burdens could be impacting their future or current happiness for wellness.

Young Minds Matter launched in the UK, highlights the importance of children’s mental health.

Results from the second Australian Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and Well-being have been released.

Survey results are available in several different formats:

Review Young Minds Matter main report,

Teaching kids how a happy brain works:

Other issues that kids face deeply impacting their happiness is often dealing with bullying. Plus having to handle situations were another child is physically hitting them. Some children don’t feel safe at home and are living in unsafe environments. This is the challenging world our children face and its up to parents to form community efforts to address these problems for better  happiness well-being for every child on the planet.

Happy Kids Habits Playbook

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To approach how to raise a happy child let’s better try to understand what the fundamental elements are that kids will need to be happy:

  1. How a child approaches their feelings about the world around them. The thought pattern for how children think and feel about their own world around them determines their own individual perception of what happiness feels like.
  2. Happy habits are vital in a child’s life for everyday interactions. Healthy activity, laughter, diet, friendships, etc. It is very important that kids are laughing and playing regularly to maintain happy habits.
  3. Positivity confidence traits are critical to achieve self awareness necessary for kids to be happy. Understanding feelings to control behaviors and learning empathy compassion can be the greatest pathway to happiness for all children.

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When kids are not chasing happiness they can be happier actually enjoying their life and living for today. Happy habits can easily be trained in kids starting from a young age and even at birth. Babies can learn the meaning of happiness by hearing laughter and laughing or smiling when seeing someone else is doing the same. Training kids on a happy lifestyle can lead to a more productive and longer healthy living.

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Kids should not be promoted to happiness by using products, goods, or services. Happiness is a habit approach that can be achieved and learned even when things are not going our way. 

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