Family Road Trip Safety Summer Survival Guide #FamilyVacations

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When traveling on a family road trip safety survival tips are essential for the summer months and beyond. So it’s that time of year when families load up the car, fill up the gas tank and gear up for summer road trips. Whether you have your sights set on traveling to one of the National Parks in celebration of the centennial, or you plan to cruise to the beach, Allstate is reminding families of a few simple suggestions to help make their road travel safer or come to the rescue if something goes wrong.

Family Road Trip Safety

Family Road Trip Safety Summer Survival Guide  CharmPosh

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Find My Wheels Pro app CharmPosh Family Road Trip Safety

Don’t leave home without downloading this app and making sure each family member traveling on a road trip has it installed on their mobile devices! Find My Wheels Pro app allows you to locate a parked vehicle and find a hotel all from one app location so hurry go download Find My Wheels Pro app available on Apple’s App Store .


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Allstate is recommending everyone download their free Good Hands RescueSM app before beginning that summer vacation or whenever you plan to be on the road.”

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No one wants a family road trip disaster, but it could happen.
Having a disabled or undrivable vehicle is never an enjoyable experience, yet a survey commissioned by Allstate Roadside Services found almost every driver in America has been in this situation. The majority (74 percent) of people surveyed had a flat tire. Seventy percent of drivers said they have experienced a dead battery. About 54 percent of people polled couldn’t get their car to start and 36 percent ran out of gas. Many of the drivers surveyed experienced more than one of these problems.

How does the Good Hands RescueSM app work?
Allstate’s free Good Hands RescueSM app takes away the guesswork of who to contact, and helps get a tow truck or other help to stranded drivers quickly and easily. You don’t have to be an Allstate customer to use the app, and you pay only after the service is complete. You also can use your smartphone to track the provider’s en route status. Information like that can be invaluable when it comes to keeping children entertained or in good spirits until help arrives.

Consider downloading the Good Hands RescueSM app for free from Apple or Google Play, or visit the AllstateSM Mobile website.

Allstate Roadside Services offers the following tips before you leave on family vacation:

  • Make sure your car is road-ready. Before setting out on your trip, have a mechanic give your vehicle the once-over, including preventive maintenance such as an oil change, tire check, new wipers or filter replacement.
  • Be sure to pack an emergency car kit. A well-equipped kit can fit in the trunk and might include a flashlight, hand sanitizer, water and energy bars.
  • Keep your phone fully charged so you can make contact and get the roadside assistance you need.

Happy summer and safe travels!


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