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Ties for Change is a top father’s day gift idea for such good reasons! An empowering new social enterprise, they are now launching a crowd funding campaign allowing people to pre-order their handmade tie sets. Priced at only $24.95, the tie sets contain a handmade tie signed by the tie’s creator, as well as a matching handkerchief and set of cuff links. With the money earned from the sale of these tie sets, Ties for Change will be supporting charitable work and local projects in Bacolod!

The crowdfunding campaign opened on May 30th  and runs for 30 days. During that time, people can pre-order their tie sets at a discounted rate. Tie sets are scheduled to ship by the end of September. While pass father’s day this is a very thoughtful gift idea!

Ties For Change

Ties For Change Charm Posh

Ties for Change operates on a unique model that gives back to the local community with every purchase. For every tie set that is sold, the company will donate 20 percent of the sales price to charity and 10 percent to a local project benefiting Bacolod’s residents. One such charitable service Ties for Change started is the Bata Feast for underprivileged local kids. Each weekend the company feeds between 80 and 100 kids from the community.  Since opening in January they have fed over 1700 hungry children through this initiative.

In addition to the pre-ordered sets, Ties for Change offers a Tie of the Month Club. For $19.95 per month, Tie of the Month Club members can get a tie set delivered every month. Proceeds from Tie of the Month Club memberships support charitable work as well.

To learn more about Ties for Change, visit www.tiesforchange.com

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