Crayola Imaginables Adds Customized Plush Toys Creativity For Kids

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Crayola Imaginables wants to inspire children’s creativity to turn their artwork into a real stuffed animal, providing endless options that capture a child’s imagination. As the latest evolution in the brand’s My Way portfolio, which focuses on customization, Imaginables takes Crayola even deeper into the personalization space by giving children the opportunity to create designs which reflect their individual style.

Crayola Imaginables

Crayola Imaginables 2 Charm Posh

Fans can turn their artwork into a real stuffed animal in three simple steps:

  1. Take a photo of your artwork
  2. Upload, email, or text your picture by following the easy navigation steps on 
  3. Receive your beautiful custom Imaginable in about four weeks

Behind the scenes, each piece of artwork is reviewed and hand crafted by a team of designers and seamstresses who use high-quality, super-soft plush fabrics – available in over 30 Crayola colors – to bring children’s art to life.

Crayola Imaginables Charm Posh Kids Toys

Imaginables is the perfect way to celebrate a child’s artwork any time of the year, and is a unique gift option for birthdays, preschool or kindergarten graduations, and more.  Imaginables can be purchased exclusively on for $99.00, and Crayola is offering a special introductory price of $89.00 until June 15, 2016.

Crayola Imaginables is the latest innovation in the brand’s My Way collection, which celebrates personalization.  Crayola My Way allows children to customize their own box of Crayola Crayons in an easy, highly interactive and fun process.  After choosing from one of 50 themes (Birthday, Firsts, My Art, and more), kids can make the Crayola Crayon box their own by uploading a personal photo or piece of artwork to the front of the box, adding a favorite nickname, and picking their favorite Crayola Crayon colors.  Crayola My Way is available in an 8-count box, 64-count box and Custom Art Case and can be purchased on for a starting price of $5.99. Prices will vary depending on levels of personalization.

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