Curious George Train Adventures Digital Journey

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Curious George Train Adventures is set to take kids on a digital journey. Global learning company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, introduces Curious George Train Adventures, an educational game for iPad and iPhone that helps kids ages 4-6 develop and practice essential skills related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Utilizing research around early learning patterns, Curious George Train Adventures takes an intuitive approach to teaching STEM by integrating basic skills into fun digital challenges.

George, who celebrates his 75th anniversary this year, kicks off his learning adventure on an interactive train ride through a vibrant amusement park comprised of four worlds: Tiki Adventures, Frosty Wonderland, Zany Meadows and Space Spectacular. Using basic STEM concepts, players are tasked with helping George and the Man with the Yellow Hat build the amusement park by ensuring that construction materials arrive at their final destinations.

Curious George Train Adventures

Curious George Train Adventures Charm Posh

In each world, players are presented with games that incorporate real STEM-related skills. By solving challenges that involve adjusting speed, navigating obstacles and solving puzzles to raise bridges and open gates, children will learn to apply the laws of physics, scientific thinking, problem-solving, basic engineering principles and more. Along with developing a new set of skills, each challenge also encourages children to integrate knowledge across a variety of disciplines and apply learned skills to new experiences.

In addition to STEM knowledge,  players will also strengthen foundational skills in other essential areas like self-regulation, following directions, perseverance, and working memory. Games within the app are designed to adapt to each child’s level with easy to use controls and comfortable pacing. Levels progressively become more difficult as players advance in each world.

The colorful worlds and activities children will discover while playing and learning in Curious George Train Adventures will delight them over and over again. The app, with access to one world including 10 play levels (Tiki Adventures) is available for just $1.99. Users can also purchase additional worlds within the app for $0.99 per world or for $1.99 for the bundle of all three (Frosty Wonderland, Zany Meadows or Space Spectacular). Visit the App Store to get started and inspire a future engineer.

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