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IMACS brings a new concept to Silicon Valley. The Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS), a leading after-school enrichment program that develops children’s logical reasoning and creative problem-solving skills, is now open in Sunnyvale!

Founded in 1993 by a team of mathematicians, computer scientists and educators, IMACS offers Mathematics Enrichment and Computer Programming & Virtual Robotics classes at its centers in South Florida, North Carolina, St. Louis and Connecticut. IMACS also offers a Hi-Tech Summer Camp and, for talented middle and high school students, a range of university-level online mathematics and computer science courses that are recognized by many prestigious universities. Over 4,500 students throughout the U.S. and abroad attend local IMACS classes or study its online courses.


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IMACS uses an innovative curriculum designed for bright elementary and middle school children to teach critical thinking skills rarely taught in other academic settings. In addition to after-school and weekend classes, IMACS offers morning classes for homeschooled students.

IMACS’ Bay Area operations are led by senior retail executive Thibault de Chatellus, whose family experienced the benefits of IMACS first-hand. When his son was enrolled in IMACS, de Chatellus saw how the program developed his son’s ability to think through difficult questions in math and other subjects. IMACS also made him a more confident student.

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Parents and children can try IMACS for free. To sign up, click here. IMACS’ Sunnyvale center is at 719 Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road.

Parent Shannon Robertson said the IMACS program had a very positive impact on her gifted children. “IMACS creates a uniquely fun and challenging experience for gifted students through their innovative curriculum and supportive staff.” Robertson’s daughters, who won the “Google Lunar XPRIZE for Kids,” have attended IMACS since kindergarten.

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