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Smartloq Math for Android received an endorsement by Dr. Barbara Oakley, PhD, PE, the NY Times best-selling author, and co-creator of the world’s most popular MOOC Learning How to Learn.

Following Dr. Oakley’s endorsement of Smartloq Math, Quizode Inc. has released three additional apps to the line-up: Smartloq Language, Smartloq Vocabulary, and Smartloq Quotes. Smartloqs are simple by design. Users can quickly pair their Smartloq to any apps on their phone and easily customize the settings. Smartloq lets users track their statistics, review a history log, and have the option to create a security PIN for access to the main app. This enables parents to manage and lock the settings on their child’s smartphone, thus ensuring their children are practicing and improving their skills whenever they use their phone.

 Smartloq Math

Smartloqs are available for download on the Google Play Store. To learn more please visit or follow on Facebook at

Smartloq Math Charm Posh

The new Smartloq series of educational apps use a unique approach to keep users practicing, improving and developing confidence throughout the day. In Dr. Oakley’s newsletter, she wrote, “Greg has developed a wonderful new app, Smartloq Math, to leverage smartphone behavior and break what you are learning into micro-practice events… Here’s an excellent review about how good this app is. If you (or some kids you know) are looking to brush up on math, give this a try!”

Smartloq Math 2 Charm Posh

Smartloq functions like a security lock for your apps, but rather than entering a PIN, it presents either a question to answer, or a flashcard before launching any app it is applied to. By using this approach, Smartloq delivers practice events via normal daily usage of a smartphone rather than requiring dedicated time in a specific app.

Considering how often we interact with our phones, Smartloq has significant potential to help users learn and retain subject matter through practice and repetition. Smartloq’s creator insists the app does not replace traditional studying, but rather expands the busy learner’s toolkit for success. “It was Dr. Oakley’s amazing course that really planted the seed for me to create the Smartloq series of apps; so to come full circle and have her endorse the concept is immensely gratifying,” explains Greg Edmunds, creator of Smartloq. “Individuals and educators from around the world are now reaching out with incredibly positive interest and feedback.”

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