How-to Shop Goodwill For Kids Back-to-School Savings

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Goodwill presents the perfect solution for parents to teach kids about “giving back” and save on back-to-school items at the same time! The trend of thrift shopping is becoming very popular among upscale families, as well as families on a budget. Kids get to pick out one of kind items to express their own custom style, an experience that makes thrift shopping so popular today.

Goodwill Industries International is a network of 164 community-based organizations in the United States and Canada with a presence in 13 other countries. Goodwill is the #1 brand doing the most good in the world (Brand World Value Index, 2016) and is one of America’s top 20 most inspiring companies (Forbes, 2014).

As summer is nearing an end and families gear up for the next school year, they can visit Goodwill to find all the items children need for back to school. Goodwill stores are great places to find clothes, shoes and other supplies children need when they head back to the classroom.

How-to Shop Goodwill

How To Shop Goodwill For Kid Back To School Charm Posh

In addition to being a one-stop shop for back-to-school needs, children have more freedom to define their style on a budget when they shop at Goodwill. Thrift shopping is a like a math game and putting together the chicest outfit on a budget is super fun! Kids discover vintage shopping also learning a history lesson for value when it comes to classic collecting. The best part of all kids also learn empathy by shopping at Goodwill, where their purchases go to help others in need.

Revenues from Goodwill stores help fund employment placement, job training and services such as career counseling, child care, financial education and mentoring. Last year, more than 312,000 people earned jobs with Goodwill’s help. Shopping at Goodwill can become a teachable moment for children, by connecting their Goodwill purchases with helping people in their local communities build their careers. Last year, Goodwill provided in-person career services to nearly 2 million people, and more than more than 35 million people were supported through virtual services including online education, mentoring and training. Goodwill provides job placement and training opportunities for anyone facing challenges to finding employment, including veterans and military families, young adults, people with disabilities, older workers, and anyone facing challenging to finding employment.

Shopping at and donating to Goodwill is an important experience for children. They learn the value of helping people in their communities find employment and care for their families. College students can find furniture and housewares at Goodwill stores — enough to fill a dorm room or first apartment. More than 130 local Goodwill organizations also sell items on®. Parents can bid on musical instruments, sporting equipment, graphing calculators and many other accessories kids need for back to school.

As families buy items for back to school, Goodwill encourages them to donate the clothing and other items their children have outgrown. Visit to find your nearest Goodwill store or donation center.

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