Sprout Organic Baby Food Flavors

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Sprout Organic Baby Food flavors in a transparent pouch so parents can see what’s inside the pouch while they continue to feed their babies the flavors they love. Sprout Foods was the first company to introduce organic baby food in a convenient pouch, which set the stage for the pouch trend back in 2009.

Now, the brand is proud to announce the release of eight clear pouches with plans to release 20 pouches by December. By early 2017, Sprout will have the most comprehensive line of clear pouches on the market for babies and toddlers.

Sprout Organic Baby Food


Consumer demand for more transparency in the food space has been increasing in recent years. As brands are just beginning to respond to this demand, with efforts such as GMO labeling and honest ingredient lists on packaging, Sprout Foods has been ahead of this trend since the company was founded in 2009. In addition to the new clear packaging, Sprout Foods is the only baby food company to pledge the names of their varieties match the primary ingredients in the recipe.


Sprout Foods provides premium organic foods for babies, toddlers and their families that encourage happy and healthy eating. Founded in 2009, Sprout was the first company to introduce baby food in a pouch, triggering the explosion of the organic baby food pouch segment in the U.S. Sprout uses only unadulterated non-GMO ingredients, with whole foods from the source, and unique cooking methods to create tasty, nutritious combinations that appeal to all ages. Sprout believes that a meal is more than nourishment: it’s a chance to inspire. That’s why the company is committed to developing an early love of healthy, whole ORGANIC foods.

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