Dino Mignon International Kids Fashion Expo

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Dino Mignon International Kids Fashion Expo (www.dinomignon.com) will take place at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, the most prestigious convention and exhibition center in Montreal, in the heart of the city, with direct access to the underground city and the subway.

Dino Mignon, the first international kids fashion expo in Montreal, will take place on July 23-25, 2017. The event’s objective is to open the 35-million consumers market of Canada to companies from around the world, active in the manufacture and marketing of children’s clothes. The exhibition aims to create a hub of international cooperation and networking between participants, import companies and local shops.

Dino Mignon International Kids Fashion Expo


Hundreds of companies active in the production and children’s clothing trade are expected to take part in Dino Mignon International Kids Fashion Expo. Companies from leading countries in the industry, such as Italy, France and Spain, have already expressed their interest to participate.

Canada welcomes the world of children’s fashion and Dino Mignon International Kids Fashion Expo will be the reference point for companies, to develop and position their brands in the Canadian market, generate publicity, increase awareness, and create the most optimal environment to establish a local network. An award-winning team of professionals will be available to develop and implement local marketing strategies, brand and product launching, logistics, accounting, legal representation and other services.

The Palais des congrès de Montréal houses versatile and ultramodern facilities for holding conventions, conferences, meetings, galas and exhibitions. Since its’ opening in 1983, it has built an international reputation for excellence through the more than 6,000 events and 16 million visitors.

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