Ellie Sterilizes Baby Bottles, Pacifiers and Water

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With Ellie, parents of newborns, babies and toddlers finally have an on-the-go weapon against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Current sterilizing methods – including boiling, steaming or using harsh chemicals ­– are time consuming, require a large device or may be potentially hazardous. Ellie offers a medical grade sterilization solution made of the highest quality BPA-free material without the use of any toxic chemicals.

Ellie is the world’s first portable digital UV LED technology that is designed to keep babies safe. In 60 seconds, Ellie provides medical grade sterilization, eradicating 99.9 percent of germs. TRUVIOLET, the proprietary technology behind the device, has the potential to disrupt traditional means of disinfecting items and environments ­– including hospitals and nurseries. Ellie launches today on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, where people are invited to learn more about and support the product by visiting https://igg.me/at/ellieDUV.


Ellie with TRUVIOLET was made possible by utilizing the powerful semiconductor found in household LED lighting. The difference with the digital UV LED light inside Ellie, however, is that it is targeted to specific UV-C wavelengths to break the DNA strands of bacteria, viruses or fungi.


In addition to bottles, Ellie can be used to sterilize numerous baby related products including breast pump parts, baby toothbrushes, spoons, bowls, teething rings and small toys. It can also sterilize water added to a baby bottle before mixing in formula to make milk on the go. About the size of a lunchbox, Ellie has a sleek and ergonomic design and fits easily into a tote or diaper bag. Ellie is powered by a USB rechargeable battery and can last more than one week before needing to be recharged.

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