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YAAS (Young Aspiring Artists) gives children an easy, fun way to make graphic designs for their own clothes. Adult sizes are available too, so parents can “get in on the art” and spend some quality time with their children. More information on YAAS is available at http://www.cowcow.com/yaas.

Designing custom clothing with YAAS is a simple, four-step process. First, kids or parents print out a template on standard A4 paper. Right now, users can choose between t-shirt and dress templates, but more options are likely to be added. Next, kids draw images, colors and patterns on the template; materials like string and beads can also be pasted onto the paper for interesting effects. Step three is to take a photo of the finished project and upload the image to the YAAS website. Finally, the custom-designed apparel arrives within 2 to 3 weeks.

YAAS Young Aspiring Artists


With YAAS, ordinary clothing takes on special significance. Custom-designed t-shirts and dresses will definitely stand out in any kid’s or parent’s wardrobe. As children grow up, these items can spark memories of happy moments and become treasured heirlooms of childhood.

YAAS custom-designed apparel retails for $30. Doll dresses are available for $15 and are sized to fit 18-inch figurines. CowCow has plans to expand the range of product templates available through YAAS, based on consumer demand and feedback. The company operates two made-to-order production lines, and every article of clothing passes through a rigorous quality control check in Hong Kong before shipping to the customer.

Supporting hands-on creativity has been part of the mission at CowCow since its founding in 2012. In addition to its wide selection of products and services, the company also fulfills its mission by sponsoring like-minded NGOs and nonprofit organizations.

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