Holiday Cards Inspiration

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A little Holiday Cards Inspiration is always helpful during the busiest time of the year. From when to send out Christmas cards to planning holiday parties and gifting…the holiday season is the most celebrated occasion of the year! 

Holiday Cards Inspiration 

Actually, the very first Christmas card was sent in 1843! Created by John Calcott Horsley who printed and sent the very first Christmas card to his dear friend Sir Henry Cole. Horsley wanted to gift his wealthy British businessman friend and other professional associates with a special wish to express “Merry Christmas!” 

Traditionally, preparation for Christmas cards should start in mid November if you want to add a family photo. Allowing enough time to prepare the perfect holiday card.

The best time to send Christmas cards is mid December so that they arrive early. To show you really care and appreciate the recipient:

  1. Always include a handwritten customized message.
  2. Make sure to sign with your handwritten signature. 

The Obamas used a previous photo from March state dinner honoring Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for their 2016 Christmas card and last year in The White House…Consider taking a family photo from a previous gathering like special occasions, family vacations, etc. these types of pictures make the best holiday cards! Especially, if you running short on time and ambience setting is everything. 

Obama Family Holiday Card 2016 

Here are some awesome online sites to create holiday Christmas cards that we simply love! 

Paperless Post



One really nice asset is to always include holiday stamps on your cards !! They also make great gifts for kids into stamp collections or learning about the value of collectibles.

Another popular trend this year will be to send Christmas text message greetings on Christmas Day! 

We partnered our parent company “Uply Media, Inc” who sponsored this content for “best app to use” for sending text message greetings on Christmas Day! 

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Exclusively for iMessage and Apple’s App Store, ideal for kids to also send Christmas greetings text messages from their iPad, iPhone, or iPod! This is a very special way for kids to send their own holiday wishes….

Grandparents, uncles, aunts, older siblings away will love receiving  text message holiday greetings on Christmas Day!!

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Some of the best places to gather inspiration for holiday cards that we love include:


Google Images 

Nab some celebrity inspirational ideas! 


Another great place to get total innovative and creativity ideas for holiday cards. 

Happy holidays and we hope you have the most fabulous card on the block! 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored feature by on behalf of our advertising partner relationship. All the opinions and reviews are strictly our own. 

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