Vegetable Glycerin Winter Wonder Miracle Recipe

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Vegetable  glycerin offers the best benefits during colder months and is truly a winter wonder miracle. Perfect and safe for the entire family from babies to kids and adults.  Adding this simple ingredient offers so many solutions to smooth skin during the colder season.

Vegetable Glycerin

Our favorite brand is made by Heritage Store Vegetable Glycerin and can be easily purchased at your local Whole Foods Market.

The reason we love Heritage Store Vegetable Glycerin so much is because it’s organic, plus a pure way to soften skin as a body lotion (can also be used in herbal tinctures). This is a natural hydrate that works so well for really sensitive skin. It’s oil free to soften and moisturizes damaged skin, especially beneficial in the colder winter months. For moms and dads to use for a more youthful appearance, while also being gentle enough for babies and kids.


You can mix Heritage Store Vegetable Glycerin with coconut oil adding about 2 tablespoons to a bowl of coconut oil. This makes the best body lotion on the planet! Your skin will surely love you for it!!

We are always on the hunt for really cool items to put inside gift baskets, adding Heritage Store Vegetable Glycerin inside is a great idea. Include a handwritten or typed note about the benefits of using VG!



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