Five Best Innovative Marketing Ideas To Sell Kids Clothes

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Today, kids and adolescents influence $1.12 trillion in family spending each year. When it comes to kids clothes children know exactly what they like from “marketing” being targeted just for them. 

After revealing our Best Kids Clothes Apps For Bargain Shoppers, we wanted to give some marketing tips for how-to sell kids clothes. As many people who visit our site often also run kids businesses and parents who regularly resell kids clothes online. 

The best solution to make your kids clothes business shine is to stand out in the crowd. Attract kids to your clothing brand through innovation and digital marketing strategies. 

Successful kids clothing brands master the art of technology and efficiency to access their merchandise easier through digital platforms. Parents want digital solutions to purchase kids clothes fast and on the go in a hurry. 

Sell Kids Clothes 

These are five best innovative marketing ideas to sell more kids clothes:

1. Spot Kid Brand Ambassadors

To sell kids clothes you have to get your offering in front of the most people. The best way to do this is to locate kids who can serve as your brand ambassador and wear your clothes! 

Search through social media and locate kids with a following already. Seek out parents who love modeling their children in really cute kids fashion on Instagram and Pinterest for kids clothes, so on. Reach out to these parents of kids able to receive as many as 500 likes or more and 200 comments or more. This will also be a good organic (not paid) starting point. 

Might want to browse through TRENDY TOTS: 12 STYLISH KIDS ON INSTAGRAM  featured on Harper’s Bazaar.

2. Host Kids Fashion Board Competition 

Hosting a competition is the ultimate solution to create buzz around a kids clothing business. 

Try creating a Kids Fashion Board competition! This will grant the opportunity to have children enter to model your kids clothes for sale and post on social media. This will even provide free publicity for your kids clothes business! 

Make sure to create a Kids Fashion Board competition hashtag promoting your kids clothes business! 

3. Weekly Kids Swag Giveaway 

This is the ultimate giveaway to show off your kids clothing brand logo! 

Offer a weekly kids swag giveaway of cool merchandise with your company logo on it. The best kids swag giveaways should be items that children can wear and use regularly. Things like emoji stickers, cool tees, backpacks, notepads, etc. 

4. Support Good Charity Event Causes 

Giving back for a good cause is one way to find loyal customers with similar visions. Sponsoring charity events and hosting fundraisers demonstrates community pride. It further shows that your kids clothing brand is focused on doing good in the world. 

Offer discounts on kids clothes and percentage of revenue in support of charity events and fundraisers. Announce participation support in the media for brand awareness and publicity exposure. 

5. Seasonal Kids Fashion Shows 

Make sure that your kids clothing business is in front of your desired target audiences. Having consistent seasonal kids fashion shows presents excellent opportunities to promote seasonal merchandise every year. 

Highlight seasonal kids fashion trends and go live on social media for increased publicity exposure. This is a superior approach to build brand awareness and influential credibility. 

The ability to sell kids clothes on different digital online and mobile apps platforms is exploding! It will be important to make sure that your marketing measures up to meet the growing demands.

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