STEM Emoji By CharmPosh App Perfect Science Birthday Party Favor

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Science birthday parties are so very popular! Hosting a science birthday party is the ultimate way to get kids excited about learning! They get to participate in super fun science experiments and activities…

Most kids today already have an iPad…Adding a cool app that goes with a science birthday party theme is a really great idea!!! Our STEM Emoji By CharmPosh in the App Store app is the perfect solution to make sure that your child’s science birthday party also includes the coolest party favor on the planet!

  1. Select STEM Emoji By CharmPosh in the App Store, tap on the STEM Emoji By CharmPosh icon, looks like thisstem-emoji-by-charmposh-icon
  2. In the upper right hand corner locate the Share Icon, looks like this  apple-share-icon
  3. Next tap the above Share icon to locate the Gift icon, looks like this apple-gift-icon-charmposh
  4. Tap on the Gift icon to send Gift by entering To: Email Address, From: Sender’s Name and Message: Enter special message up to 200 characters. Tap “Today” to send the Gift on today or tap the Check to the right of Today to specify sending the Gift on a certain date.

We also prepared some special bonus printouts to include STEM Emoji By CharmPosh in the App Store app purchased inside science birthday party favor bags!

Once you purchase STEM Emoji By CharmPosh in the App Store to include in your science birthday bags go here to download your free Thank You Gift message notes!

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